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  • School insurance

    Insurance for educational institutions including independent schools and academies

School insurance
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School insurance

Insurance for educational institutions

Through our Education Centre of Excellence we have witnessed a growth in the demand from schools for quality service and independent advice around their very specific insurance and risk management requirements.

The drive towards greater independence and choice for a growing number of schools, together with the rapid increase in financial investment, points to the need for professional advice on how to best manage risk and put appropriate and cost effective insurance protection in place. We recognise that not every school or academy is exposed to the same level of risk. The buildings, vehicles, equipment and facilities of one school can be dramatically different to another.

In the same way that every pupil has their own unique skill sets and personality traits, we recognise that every school or academy has its own nuances which need careful consideration. Our school clients have chosen us because of the importance we place upon understanding these often unique requirements. We encourage a partnership approach with the school, ourselves and the ultimate insurer of choice.

This approach is then harnessed to produce a tailored policy, unique to your school or academy. Towergate is passionate about providing quality insurance and risk management solutions for schools, so that you can focus on your pupils and your school's future.

Staff absence insurance

If, like most schools or academies, you are working to a tight budget, you might not find it easy to balance the cost of temporary staff in the event that some of your teachers are absent. Towergate Education's staff absence and sickness cover will save you what can be unbearable costs from staff absence. This could help lower your school's reliance on Resources Held at Centre.

Visit Towergate Insurance for more information on staff absence insurance.

Key features of school insurance

  • Business interruption
  • Employers and public liability
  • Engineering insurance
  • Governor's and trustee's indemnity
  • Hirer's indemnity
  • Minibus and other motor
  • Personal accident
  • Property damage
  • School trips and travel
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